During November 2021, a new MESACON laser multi-spot measuring system for quality control of material thickness became operational at a location just outside Leipzig, Germany. The joint venture between SCHULER and PORSCHE sets new standards in the field of smart component tracking.

Industry 4.0 – that is the philosophy in the new state-of-the-art Press Shop with upstream blanking line. Particular attention being paid to seamless quality assurance from coil to finished component. During runtime, the material thickness measured, together with other quality characteristics, such as the oil layer, surface roughness and material properties. These are all monitored and visualized on large dashboards, along with the line data, using a comprehensive track and trace solution from SCHULER.

The material thickness is determined during production using confocal chromatic laser distance measurement in three measuring tracks.

Detailed view: Three-track laser measurement system for automotive industry

Detailed view: Three-track laser measurement system for automotive industry

The measuring system designed as an O-frame, with a fixed centerline measurement and two movable edge-measuring spots, enables the system to record the material thickness at three positions for all application widths. The measuring tracks can measure statically, or, the edge measuring points can move, continuously traversing in the edge area.

To improve component quality and reduce the possibility of defects, the recorded production data is marked during the process via ID code, by laser marking on the individual blanks. This unique component identification is then tracked throughout the entire production process. The recorded data includes the processed pre-material (coil), as well as the measurement and process values in the multi-blanking line and the press shop. The fast and clear identification of tolerance deviations maximizes the effectiveness of the entire plant.

“From the coil to the body-in-white” – SCHULER’s material tracking enables an enormous increase in added value and reduction of overall costs in the press shop.

The commitment to integrating innovative technologies for product and process optimization provides an enormous competitive advantage for car manufacturers who pursue a consistent implementation of the zero-defect principle.

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Author: Martin Kuss

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