With their extensive knowledge and experience, MESACON Messelektronik have stood for high-precision thickness measurement systems for over 60 years. A flexible and modern company, with worldwide agencies and the seal of quality “Made in Germany”.

The non-contact measuring systems are used for regulation in rolling mills, and for quality control of the material thickness of flat products in a wide variety of industries. In addition to the classic radiometric systems for the steel and aluminum processing industries, the portfolio also includes laser-optical measuring systems, with a wide range of possible applications.

Carbon C-Frame

For the laser systems, MESACON relies on different sensor types from Keyence. The areas of application in the automotive and industrial sectors are as varied as they are different. Based on the principle of laser distance or difference measurement, triangulation sensors are used, or, depending on the application,  confocal chromatic sensors can be used to provide higher system accuracy. Due to the compact design, the measuring systems can easily be integrated in limited installation spaces and on process lines.

“What speaks for Keyence? – In addition to the quality of the sensors and the rapid availability of test systems, after-sales support is also an important component. At Keyence, someone is always available to provide support for questions regarding the optimization of the sensors and the settings in the systems,” says MESACON sales engineer Martin Kuß.

Another benefit in addition to the competent advice are the independent feasibility studies performed by the Keyence Test Center.

“This way, we can quickly and easily prequalify and check complex customer inquiries. This service and Keyence’s expertise cannot be taken for granted.”

Laser Sensor Application

“The laser-optical measuring systems expand our portfolio in many areas, and are ideally suited for online control of the material thickness of flat products and web materials. They are low-maintenance and measure with pinpoint accuracy up to the edge area – regardless of material, color and coating, even with difficult surfaces,” says Martin Kuß.

Thanks to the many years of co-operation between MESACON and Keyence, a wide variety of measurement requirements can be solved quickly and individually. The joint exchange of experience, and the large number of different projects, is a cornerstone for the constant optimization of the systems and sensors for the respective areas of application.

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