In times of constantly increasing requirements for quality control, more and more customers from the automotive industry are deciding to use radiometric thickness and layer thickness measuring systems from MESACON® Messelektronik. The willingness to invest in innovative technologies for product and process optimization, even in difficult economic times, testifies to the considerable competitive advantage enjoyed by automotive manufacturers who pursue consistent implementation of the zero-defect principle.

Combined thickness and layer thickness measurement for automotive process lines

Industry 4.0 – that is the philosophy in modern automotive process lines. Particular attention is given to data acquisition and continuous material control in the production process. At runtime, quality features such as the material thickness and zinc coating are measured and visualized together with other parameters, such as the oil layer and surface roughness, on large dashboards along with the system data.

The MESACON measuring system for radiometric thickness and layer thickness measurement will be commissioned in the Czech Republic in spring 2021 as part of an installation via a major German supplier.

To improve component quality and reduce defective product components, the recorded production data is printed on the individual blanks via an 11-digit code using laser marking. This material tracking enables a significant increase in added value, together with reduction of the total costs in the press shop, thus maximizing the profit potential for the line.

As an alternative to radiometric thickness gauges, MESACON also offers laser-based multi-channel measuring systems for online measurement of material thickness in process lines.

Ask us – we will find a solution for your measuring task.

MESACON – monitor your quality!

Author: Martin Kuss

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