In times of increasing demands for quality controls from the automotive industry, more and more Steel-Service-Centers decides for radiometric thickness measuring systems from MESACON® Messelektronik. The readiness to invest in innovative technologies for product and process optimization, even in economic difficult times, testifies to the enormous competitive advantage for the Service-Centers, which pursue a consistent implementation of the zero-defect principle.

The MESACON® software, which has been specially developed for cutting and slitting lines, enables the operator to identify continuously the thickness deviations of each single strip during production. In combination with a separate strip width measuring system, MESACON provides the evidence for the quality assurance to produce within the tolerances.

compact mechanic concept with hanging C-frame

At the beginning of the year MESACON was commissioned by ThyssenKrupp to supply and commission further F3500 systems until middle of the year. The customer relies on the concept of combined thickness and strip width measurement. The thickness gauges are based on the principle of X-ray transmission, the system measures in entry section of the line before cutting and slitting of the strip.

The existing optical strip width measurement measures after the separator of the loop pit. The measured thickness and also width values will be visualized together the high developed MESACON® software and handed over to the customer in a measurement protocol for the quality assurance.

The thickness measuring systems are designed as hanging version. The advantage to this concept is the low space requirement below the roller table. The hanging mechanics are mounted to a robust steel structure, together with the process coupling unit and the cooling unit. The movement process is carried out via a linear unit with up to 500mm / s. The measurement will be realised scanning over the whole width of the material to be measured during production. The moving range can be adapted to customers’ requirements and is assessable at the visualisation unit or for maintenance purposes at a control panel located close to the mechanic.

Innovative solutions designed by MESCON® already comply with the demands of tomorrow.

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Author: Martin Kuss

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