Did you know that MESACON Messelektronik is the leading supplier of steel service center solutions? For more than 20 years, a large number of thickness gauges for slitting and cross-cutting systems have been used worldwide.

– 80% of the plants are used in leading steel service centers in Germany
– 30% of the facilities are now also used for aluminum
– 40% of the plants have an SAP connection
– 70% of the systems use an X-ray generator for measurement
– 95% of the plants are fully automated

Measurement F3500 in SSC

Are you looking for solutions to document your deliveries and quality? Are you looking for a supplier with experience in isotope, X-ray or laser optical thickness measuring systems? Do you need a vendor who will provide you with solutions for data transfer to an existing higher-level system?

SSC Visualization

Would you like to see the results directly online on the screen? Do you need a software-based MSA? This is always possible with the software of the Mesacon measuring electronics on request.

Let us make you an individual offer.

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