MESACON® Messelektronik has been known for decades as a renowned producer of non-contact thickness gauges for flat products. Our radiometric measuring systems are used worldwide in rolling mills, processing and coating lines.

F2500 isotope gauges


Also the biggest Slovak steel producer uses measuring systems from MESACON® successfully for decades. In addition to numerous existing thickness measuring systems, two more new systems were delivered and commissioned end of the last year.
The system to be used is the F2500 isotope thickness gauge based on non-contact radiation with a gamma emitter – an extremely durable low-maintenance measuring gauge from MESACON®.

F2500 system in preparation line

An existing MESACON® gauge was replaced in a preparation line of a continuous electro tinning line. Maximum strip speed is up to 10m per second.
The 2nd measuring system is installed in the entry section of a cut-to-length line and replaces an old external gauge.

F2500 system in cut-to-length line – with hangig cable chain

Both new gauges are equipped with Profibus interface and contain Americium sources with an activity of 1Ci (37GBq). The sampling time is set to 10ms. The hanging cable chain was the desire of the customer, to ensure fast access in case of maintenance issues.

All MESACON® systems with Ethernet interface are equipped with TCP / IP or EtherCAT protocol as standard. Optionally, Profibus or other interfaces and protocols can also be established.

“Main function of both systems is the monitoring of thickness,
before delivery to end-customers.”

Therefore the MESACON® evaluation software provides proof of compliance with the specified production tolerances.
Additionally a separate warning lamp signals the operator thickness deviations during production. The long-term data storage of the recorded Coil data enables the customer to follow up each coil in case of claims.

Author: Martin Kuss

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