MESACON Messelektronik GmbH Dresden was founded exactly 20 years ago, on 3. December 1997. Together with the well-proven products from the first predecessor company, which was founded in 1956, MESACON has gathered more than 60 years of experience.  MESACON has successfully incorporated this knowledge into the production of its thickness measuring gauges for the steel and aluminium industry.

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Nowadays, MESACON’s thickness gauges are operating on 4 continents. Worldwide there exist now more than 20 agencies and a widely distributed service network. In the past, MESACON was especially strong in CIS countries. In more recent years, important markets such as Asia (especially China), South- and North America as well as Western Europe have been successfully entered.

In our anniversary year, we are particularly pleased that in retrospect we have been so successful thanks to our loyal and newly acquired clients. Since 2000 we have been able to tap into additional market areas with new well- performing products including especially X-ray technology.

Application Overview

Whether regionally or far away, our thickness measuring systems can be found in all areas of the steel and aluminium industry. Our employees are glad to give you a demonstration of our product – and service quality with their competent specialist knowledge and commitment. Please do not hesitate and contact our staff with your technical questions. We will offer you a personalised solution.


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