Do you produce flat metal? Do you care about product quality and industry 4.0?

If you do, take the opportunity to attend the Quality Day Scandinavia, June 12–13 2018 to get the latest information about measurement technology and quality improvement. The organiser is Quality Alliance, an organisation driven by nine companies with a focus on the steel- and metalindustry all over the world. Mesacon is part of the Quality Alliance.

Spread over two days, you will learn about on-line measurement systems of physical properties such as: thickness, flatness, width, roughness, oil-layer thickness, tensile and yield strength, surface defects, speed and length. You will also learn the latest about strip process equipment such as mill control, strip guiding, stabilization, coating and oiling as well as Quality Execution Systems and Industry 4.0.

The Quality Days runs from June 12 to June 13. The venue will be close to Arlanda Airport, Sweden and transport to/from Arlanda will be arranged.

The expected participants are people working with the quality and production of heavy plate and strip, from hot rolling to finishing, such as, hot strip mills, plate mills, all kinds of strip process lines, as well as cut-to-length, slitting and leveling lines.

The seminar is free of charge, including documentation, lunch, dinner and ‘fika’ breaks. The number of participants will be limited. Please contact if you like to participate.

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