MESACON® Messelektronik received an order of three new thickness measuring gauges from German OEM. For the modernization of a tandem rolling mill the F3500 high-precision X-ray measuring systems will be applied.

Severstal C-frames

Thickness Gauge F3500 with integrated length- and speed measurement

The special feature of this project is a combined length- and speed measurement integrated into the C-frame. This solution offers many advantages for our customer Severstal. One common visualization is necessary for the important processing values thickness, length and speed. The mechanic will be IP65 protected against the rough rolling mill conditions. Furthermore there is no need of additionally installation work because the laser speed gauges of Beta LaserMike are mounted into the C-frame. The integrated data control system allows saving the measured data over several years and supplies the customer with quality protocols and offers a comprehensible quality control.

The 90kV X-ray thickness measuring gauges will be commissioned end of the year.

Author: Martin Kuss

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