The customer MMKI already uses successful MESACON® thickness measurement technology for several years and now a further one is added.

The F2500 isotope thickness measuring system is used in a slitting line for quality control of the material.

F2500 isotope gauge with sample holder

The MMK Ilyich plant in Mariupol (Ukraine) decided for a long-lasting and extremely low-maintenance measuring gauge from MESACON®. The system contains an Am241 source with an activity of 1Ci. With a measuring gap of 300 mm, the system provides a measurement accuracy of 3 μm for a material thickness of 1 mm.

The MESACON® evaluation software, as well as a separate warning lamp signals the operator deviations of the required production tolerances in the material during production.

F2500 isotope gauge

The measuring system has been tested successfully and the customer visited Dresden for FAT and on-site training.

The F2500 system will be delivered beginning of 2nd quarter.

Author: Martin Kuss

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