MESACON® delivered a new laser-optical thickness gauge for VDM Metals GmbH. The F5500 measurement system was installed in a narrow strip levelling line and provides the strip length as well as the strip cross profile.


Laser-Optical Thickness Gauge for VDM-Metals

The concept of the F5500 is ideal for the usage in small lines. It is characterized by its slim and compact design with the advantage of a high scanning speed of up to 500 mm/s. Based on the principle of laser triangulation the system measures contact-free the thickness of flat products and completely independent of alloy components.

It is applied for steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals, but also for plastic industries. Besides the clean ambient conditions a stable strip guiding with only small pass-line variations and inclination changes is required.

The automatic edge detection enables an exact positioning of the strip, even with narrow strip widths of 10 up to 120 mm. The system operates with laser distance sensors of class 2, with laser radiation of the visible spectral range (655nm).

The automatic recalibration of the system is realized by an integrated reference sample, mounted on the mechanic. This measured value of the reference sample is compared with the real one, which is stored in the system. The integrated correction function of the software recalculates the correct result in case of a determined deviation. Depending on the environmental conditions and temperature variations the recalibration interval is freely selectable in the system software.

The visualization and operation of the measuring system is carried out via an industrial touch panel PC. The obtained data will be analyzed and recorded by the MESACON® software and passed to the overarching PDA system.

The visualization displays the measured values in diverse forms, especially in the presentation of the longitudinal and transverse profile with the identification of the min. / max. tolerances on a touchscreen. For the correct assignment of the thickness values over the whole strip length, the strip speed is provided by the customer.

The measuring system was successfully set into operation in August.


Author Martin Kuss

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