At the turn of the year MESACON® was commissioning a thickness gauge for hot rolled strip steel (medium strip) in a pickling line. The MESACON® thickness measuring system supports the customer to satisfy the high requirements of Automotive and cold rolling industry.

Dickenmessung mit Breitenmessung für eine Schubbeize

Thickness Gauge with Width Measurement for Pickling Line

The special feature of this gauge is an EMG width measurement is additionally mounted at the C-frame. This complete solution provides many advantages for our customer; only one common visualization is necessary for the important processing values thickness and width, there is no need of additionally installation work because both systems are mounted in or at the C-frame.

The companies EMG Automation GmbH and MESACON® Messelektronik maintain a long and good relationship together. Both are members of the Quality Alliance and can look back on several decades of experience in the field of rolling mills and processing lines.

Author: Eric Jüchtzer

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