Until now, C-frames for radiometric measurements were heavy and ponderous, and the faster movement was an advantage of Laser thickness gauges. Those days are over! The new MESACON C-frame combines speed with stability and precision.

Aluminium C-Bügel für Service Center

Aluminium C-frame for Service Centres

Aluminium C-frames with a linear unit are used for Laser thickness measurement and have been proven in that application. MESACON now makes this technology available for radiometric measurement by isotope or x-ray.

The biggest advantage lies in the weight reduction. A conventional carbon steel C-frame can easily weigh over one ton, and is therefore not easy to move. The much reduced weight of an aluminum construction makes a drive per linear unit available and possible speeds of over 500mm / s possible. A complete strip width scan in a slitting line can be realized within seconds!

The use of isotope or X-ray as a measurement method offers the advantage that no short term adjustments are necessary. The measurement results are completely independent of the mechanics, thermal changes or material surfaces.

Explore our technology in metal / steel service area and contact us for further details or an individual offer.

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