Together with the SMS Siemag AG, MESACON® Messelektronik delivered two new 40kV X-ray thickness measuring systems for their end customer in the USA. The high-precision measuring gauges of the type F3500 will be applied in entry and exit position of a aluminum cold rolling mill.

X-ray triple-channel gauge with moveable edge sensors

X-ray triple-channel gauge with moveable edge sensors

A triple-channel gauge will be installed in the entry side. One centerline measurement and two mechanically movable edge measuring points supply the strip cross profile based on three spots. The edge sensors are applied to be precisely aligned for variable strip widths up to 2400 mm. In exit section another center measurement is applied.

Both systems have an integrated laser speed gauge of Beta LaserMike. The mechanics are IP65 protected against the rough rolling mill conditions. The software converts and displays the current thickness and thickness variation in the imperial system. Strip lengths, widths and speeds, as well as the temperature are monitored and visualized according to the customer specifications for the operator by the MESACON® F3500 Software.

The user training for the thickness gauges and handling with the operating software and the integrated maintenance tools was successfully carried out already in August of this year.

Author: Martin Kuss

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