Laser and X-Ray based measurement at magnesium

There are many companies providing laser or X-Ray based thickness measurement; MESACON combines both measuring principles and creates a worldwide unique gauge. The measuring system, which was delivered in April to company MgF Magnesium Flachprodukte combines the advantages of X-Ray and Laser measurement in one single gauge.


Thickness Measurement for Magnesium Strip

By close co-operation with the customer, MESACON developed a new and groundbreaking solution for thickness measurement gauges. In exit section of the in Freiberg situated company, our system measures the thickness of the 200°C warm magnesium strip with X-Ray transmission and Laser distance sensors. The gauge combines the advantage of high accuracy of the x-ray measurement system F3500 with the benefit of the high spatial resolution of the laser thickness measurement system F5500. By this combination the measuring system is not only able to recognize slender thickness flaws by the moulding process; especially the laser allows thickness measurement directly at the edge areas of the strip.

The commissioning took place last week at customer site. Since this date a MESACON gauge ensures the best production output at the trend-setting sector of magnesium lightweight design at Freiberg and all over the world.

Author: Eric Jüchtzer

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