MESACON® Messelektronik received an order of two new thickness measuring systems from Italian OEM. The Isotope based systems will be installed in entry section of a continuous pickling line.

Isotope gauges F2500 for U.S. Steel Košice

F2500 thickness measuring gauges for pickling line

The scope of supply contains components of the F2500 system for thickness measurement with isotope source including detector, cabling and electronics. The F2500 is a non-contact thickness measuring application based on gamma radiation is applied to measure hot rolled steel up to 6.6mm thickness.

The highly developed software visualizes all measurement data and all system parameters. All data windows showing information on the display can be configured by the end-customer U.S. Steel Košice.

The both Isotope thickness measuring gauges will be commissioned end of the year.

Author: Martin Kuss

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