Last month MESACON delivered first of three orders for F2800 coating thickness measurement gauges to Italy. For use at Russian end customer. Besides three usual for continuous measurement inside the production line, an additional laboratory gauge was delivered.

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Single Beam Scanner F2800

By the reason of more and more increasing production range and chemical composition of used coatings, it is essential to calibrate the used type of coating by our F2800 measuring head. Usually this process is done with an inline measuring gauge.

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Laboratory Gauge F2800

Our laboratory gauge facilitates the process of calibration for the end-user. Out of the processing line, for example in quality assurance office, every single sample for the different kinds of coatings can be calibrated, without any influence to the continuous measuring process in the production line. This calibration process starts with insert of the sample plate. After this you can do the calibration with the comfortable MESACON Software as usual.

The new laboratory gauge is the ideal addition of the F2800 product family for coating weight measurement to ensure a continuous measurement with the best performance as usual in addition with more comfort for operators at coating line.

Coating of metals with varnish, other organic materials or insulation coatings for electrical steel, MESACON customers appreciate the comfort, usability, performance and availability of our F2800 coating weight measurement gauges.

Author: Eric Jüchtzer

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