More and more steel service centre complete their manufacturing by non-contact thickness measuring gauges of MESACON® Messelektronik.

SSC C-Bügel

Thickness Gauge F3500 for SSC

Especially for the necessities of slitting and cutting service centres we provide a standardized gauge with following features:

–        Scanning over the whole width of the strip

–        X-ray- / isotope- / laser-measuring principle

–        Industry proved C-frames, robust structural steelwork

–        Full automatically calibration

–        Intuitive software with long-term data-storage

–        Measuring system analysis (MSA) supported by software

As special feature our gauge offers the possibility to create an own measuring protocol for each slitted daughter coil, instead of only knowing the thickness in the middle of the strip by the presupplier. Open up new markets and customers from automotive sector by fulfilling the high required tolerances.

If you got any questions regarding application, functionality etc. do not hesitate to contact us.

Author: Eric Jüchtzer

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