MESACON® Messelektronik GmbH Dresden received an order from Romanian manufacturer of electrical steel ERDEMIR Romania to supply three layer coating thickness gauges in order to optimize the overall process of the insulation coating process. The system was successfully tested and will be delivered end of the year. The customer already uses successful MESACON® thickness measurement technology in a four-high rolling mill for more than 10 years.


F2800 Layer Thickness Gauge

A highly constant coating over the whole width and length of the material to be produces is required. Laminated cores based on electrical steel (silicon steel) are used for transformers or rotors and stators of electrical motors. The base material of the cores is coated with an insulation varnish to increase the electrical resistance, the eddy current resistance and also to protect them against corrosion. The coating process is done in a continuous process. The thickness of the insulation layer is very important for the quality of the core. Variations in the coating thickness of the material can be drastically reduced with the MESACON® F2800 layer thickness measuring system.

The layer thickness measuring system F2800EL based on the beta backscatter principle and has the capability to measure reliable these very thin layers down to less than 0.5µm for the full production portfolio of the customer.

Author: Martin Kuss

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