Today, plastic is a part of everybody’s daily life. It appears in multiple forms, also such as foil, covering or coating. With measuring technology from Mesacon the basis weight of flat products made of plastic and textures or textiles with plastic coating can be measured on-line and non-contacting in the running production process.


Thickness Gauge F2500

At the production of these products, customers trust on the well fitted configurations of the gauge types and the extensive know-how in our company for decades. These systems are successfully applied even for special products like geotextiles, roof coverage, canopy for automobile and sun blinds or coated safety textiles.

Reduce your material consumption at an improved quality level – Mesacon supplies the proper technology. With the continuous measurement of the basis weight of intermediate and final products in the running process a permanent access is given to influence the provided amount of plastic raw ingredients. Tight tolerances improve the homogeneity of the production results and reduce the costs by less usage of raw materials. The measuring data represented by longitudinal profiles of basis weights for each final product are stored in a long-term database to be available to you and your customers on batch level at any time.

We would be glad to introduce the advantages and opportunities of our gauges in a personal meeting at your site. Our experts are looking forward to your contacting or arrangement for a visit.

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