MESACON makes your old measurement system up to date

The ravages of time leaves everywhere traces, even thickness gauges are not spared. For reasons such as outdated interfaces, lack of spare parts availability and high cost of spare parts, measurement inaccuracies or others you think your thickness gauge is ready for the scrap heap? Renew it by MESACON!

MESACON is not only a manufacturer of new gauges, as a cost-efficient alternative we also offer modernizations of your existing gauge; regardless from which old manufacturer. Different elements can be renewed. In the case of isotope systems the radiation source and existing mechanism (C-frame) can usually be re-used, so that only the measuring head, evaluation unit and wiring have to be replaced. In X-ray gauges the X-ray tube and the generator must be replaced to ensure functionality and durability of the system. It can be served all existing interfaces for analysis and automation, so there no expensive cost for modifications.

In recent years, many of our customers have upgraded their existing gauges from Laurel, Thermo Fischer, IMS, Vollmer, Jasch or others with the latest technology from Mesacon. By these jobs Mesacon could develop a comprehensive Know-How in cost-effective and flexible replacement of individual components or entire measuring systems. If you are interested, we can inspect the possibilities of modernization at your site and make a personal quotation, well below the price of new gauges.

Author Erik Jüchtzer


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