Mesacon thickness measuring systems are proved to be reliable at forming processes and surface coating of most different strip materials all over the world.

Thickness measurement applicated by Mesacon.

Thickness measurement applicated by Mesacon.

Our thickness measurement gauges are based on field-tested technologies to optimize your processes for the production or coating of material from thin-film aluminium foils up to heavy steel sheets. Mesacon’s German technology is at home in hot rolling mills as well as in cold rolling mills all over the world for more than 50 years. Customers trust in our high precision technology for thickness and layer thickness measurment.

Mesacon messelektronik supplies customized measuring systems with sampling rates up to 0.2 ms in addition to standard solutions to well-known manufacturers of strip material and equipment suppliers. Due to these short sampling rates the monitoring and control of manufacturing processes can perform must stable and with very high precision.

Thickness measurement with Mesacon guaranties:

  • high precision
  • flexibility
  • low maintenance
  • sustainable trough modular design
  • multiple interfaces and network telegrams

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