The Hungarian aluminum producer INOTAL Zrt. issued a new order to MESACON for the revamp of two old Isotope based thickness gauges. The Double-Channel thickness measurement system will be modernized in entry and exit section of a reversing cold rolling mill and commissioned in end of March.


Sales Director of MESACON Mr. T. Klosa and Mr. T. Németh – Technical Director of INOTAL

The old Isotope Gauge will be replaced by a new X-ray based System. The scope of supply contains components of the F3500 technology for thickness measurement with 40kV X-ray sources including new detectors, cabling and electronics. The existing C-frames are retained and their control is integrated into the new electronics.

The system is applied to measure flat aluminum strips from 0.18 up to 5 mm. Complex adaptations of the AGC-telegram are not required because the existing interface will be integrated into the new MESACON gauge.

For decades, INOTAL Zrt. is a producer of strip, sheet and wire rod for the aluminum industry and we are looking forward to our good collaboration.

Author Martin Kuss

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