Mesacon is manufacturing a F3500 MC thickness profile gauge for the measurement of hot steel strips. Additionally, the system is able to determine width, position, flatness and temperature of the material.

The application of the system is in accordance with the usual requirements of hot rolling mills and is therefore able to measure material that has a width of up to 1500 mm and reaches strip speeds of up to 16 m/s.

Next to the wear-free ionisations detectors of the 96 channel profil thickness gauge the applied mechanic reduce the maintenance effort required on the system significantly. Mesacon disclaims to use any oscillating mechanic due to the MESACON´s high sophisticated measurement method. Therefore the F3500MC thickness profile update rate can be reduced down to 8 ms instead of the typical range of a second for oscillating systems.

The gauge will be handed over to the customer in mid 2014 after it has been commissioned by MESACON.


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