In 2003 EtherCAT® was introduced as an industrial Ethernet technology. In the following, this bus system has evolved to an industry standard. In comparison to Ethernet, EtherCAT® is a real-time bus system that fulfills industrial requirements. Main advantages of this system are the excellent performance, flexible topology and simple handling. More than 65000 slave devices can be integrated into the bus system, while the arrangement in line, tree or star topology is negligible.

Over one decade, MESACON® already uses successfully the bus terminal of Beckhoff. Now EtherCAT® already replaced Profibus completely and is established in MESACON®’s thickness gauges systems. The detector M7400 was the first device equipped with an internal EtherCAT® interface and used as a slave device now. The internal A/D converter changes measuring signals such as measurement voltage and temperature of the ionization chamber and thermostat into digital signal. This process avoids interferences caused by long ways to process coupling devices. Since 2010 MESACON® is member of the EtherCAT® Technology Group. The more than 2000 members are not only users. They are continuously developping the technology in the way that the field of application will increase.

In the future MESACON® will improve more components of their thickness measuring systems to EtherCAT® slave devices.

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