The company PolymerTechnik Ortrand GmbH (PTO) invests into the expansion of their production capacities to manufacture canvas coated with elastomers. The end-product has multi-functional applications, e.g. as bellow material for articulated busses, working clothes in the meat production or also as membranes in the automotive industry. At present time, several measuring systems from MESACON Messelektronik are used for production monitoring and quality control. Recently PTO ordered another F2500 measuring system to provide a basis weight measurement for a new production line.

To meet the high quality requirements, PTO relies for decades on the radiometric measuring technology of MESACON Messelektronik. The measurement of the basis weight for determination of the material thickness is done contact-free during production and continuously across the whole width in length and cross direction.

A line builder nearby Stuttgart has been engaged to supply the new production line. To take the requirements of the special installation position into account, both partners have a close cooperation during the project planning phase. Regularly based meetings since the beginning of the project ensure the project planning and shall guarantee the quick transfer of the equipment into profitable operation of the line.

We are very glad about successfully continuing the business relation between PolymerTechnik Ortrand and MESACON Messelektronik for many years.

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