Mesacon Messelektronik GmbH Dresden has launched its latest innovation the integrated multi-measurement system that has been developed in cooperation with the Swedish partner company Shapeline AB. The system, which is especially, designed for hot rolling mills, supplies flatness, width, speed, length, and temperature profiles from one particular system. Depending on the strip or plate width the three to six inserted multi – channel – arrays with yet 32 measuring chambers detect the acute radiance fraction with a resolution of 20 mm per segment.

Since the environment in a hot rolling mill is especially demanding and smoke, vapour, water and heat provide challenges equally for correct measurements and for the long – term endurance of the sensors these are all integrated in the well proven mechanics of the Mesacon C-Frames. Air-Purges, heat shields and both active and passive cooling are deployed to ensure low maintenance, extensive life and reliable data.

Since the changes of the flatness – compensated thickness profiles are monitored by the integrated system, it is easier to rate the previous production phases by considering the aspect of the causative parameters. Varieties as well as the measuring accuracy establish the fundamental basis for the steady improvement of the rolling process concerning quality and costs.


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