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MESACON will present with the Quality Alliance on the common EFB booth in Stuttgart, Germany, from 7-10 November 2017. We will introduce our latest products for steel service centres, with some examples of installed measuring systems. One important feature of the system is the possibility to connect to existing ERP systems.


We look forward to your visit! EFB Pavillon: Hall 9, booth 9511

For more information about Blechexpo, please visit:

The customer MMKI already uses successful MESACON® thickness measurement technology for several years and now a further one is added.

The F2500 isotope thickness measuring system is used in a slitting line for quality control of the material.

F2500 isotope gauge with sample holder

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Since yesterday we exhibit on the fair Expo Usipa with our agency PrestMac in Brazil.

Messe Brasilien

Expo Usipa in Brazil

In 2003 EtherCAT® was introduced as an industrial Ethernet technology. In the following, this bus system has evolved to an industry standard. In comparison to Ethernet, EtherCAT® is a real-time bus system that fulfills industrial requirements. Read the rest of this entry »

On the day of the steel worker, the Russian President Putin opened the new cold rolling mill complex 11 at the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK). All thickness and layer thickness gauges in this complex are supplied by Mesacon through the leading line builder SMS Siemag.

The scope includes systems such as the F3500MC profile thickness gauge, which is able to measure the whole cross profile at up to 96 channels.

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ELVAL S.A.who is the only manufacturer of flat milling aluminum in Greece, has recently implemented its 4th thickness measurement system supplied by MESACON. In addition to the Isotope Thickness Mesurement System F2500 the customers now also uses 3 X-ray measurement systems of the type F3500. These are applied at cutting and coating lines.

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MESACON Messelektronik GmbH Dresden has received an order for 3 thickness measurement gauges from the Italian Salico Group. The high-precision x-ray gauges will be applied in a slitting and cutting line as well as in a tension line. Read the rest of this entry »

The company PolymerTechnik Ortrand GmbH (PTO) invests into the expansion of their production capacities to manufacture canvas coated with elastomers. The end-product has multi-functional applications, e.g. as bellow material for articulated busses, working clothes in the meat production or also as membranes in the automotive industry. At present time, several measuring systems from MESACON Messelektronik are used for production monitoring and quality control. Recently PTO ordered another F2500 measuring system to provide a basis weight measurement for a new production line.

To meet the high quality requirements, PTO relies for decades on the radiometric measuring technology of MESACON Messelektronik. The measurement of the basis weight for determination of the material thickness is done contact-free during production and continuously across the whole width in length and cross direction. Read the rest of this entry »

In these days, we are celebrating the 15th jubilee of the Mesacon Messelektronik GmbH. Therefore, we want to thank all of our customers of the steel, aluminum and plastic industry worldwide, who have been loyal to us throughout all these years. Today we deliver to countries including Germany, the whole of the EU, Russia, China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Mexico and many other countries and are therefore presented all over the world.

The product range includes measurement techniques reaching from single channel measurement to multi channel measurement. Paint layer thickness measurement is one of our specialty, which has been applied successfully by our customers. In addition, the thickness measurement can be conducted through the Isotope backscattering, the X-ray fluorescence by laser optical measurement technique. Read the rest of this entry »

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